Nagarkot Sightseeing for mountain viewing and to see the Himalaya Mountains during the sunrise

Among all the places for mountain viewing in the Kathmandu Valley, Nagarkot is usually considered to be the best. The views go from Dhaulagir in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east. On a clear day you can see Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha). You can also see Manaslu (8,463m), Ganesh Himal (7,111m), and Langtang (7,246m). Many people go up to Nagarkot in the afternoon, stay in a hotel in Nagarkot, and then get up at dawn to see the Himalaya Mountains during the sunrise.

Nagarkot is 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu, on the northeast edge of the Valley at an elevation of 2,175 m. It is best to view the mountains in the early morning because it is more likely to be clear. There is a viewing tower next to the Club Himalaya Resort, where you get good views that has a coffee shop where you can sit inside. Many of the hotels also have good views.

There is a lookout tower south of the village where you can get a 360ยบ view of the scenery. It is an easy one hour walk from the main hotel area. To get there you have to pass an army checkpoint, and they will only let you past in the morning. You can go to Nagarkot in the afternoon and stay over night and view the mountain at sun rise.

You can usually get a good view of the mountains between October and March. During the monsoon from June to September it is unlikely to get a view of the mountains. Nagarkot can be much colder than in Kathmandu, especially in the winter. There are some pleasant walks in the area. There are several good walk to or from Nagarkot. Many people take a bus or taxi up to Nagarkot and then walk down. Some good walks are down to Sankhi, Sundarijal, Changu Narayan, Bhaktapur, or to Banepa.

You have to pass through Bhaktapur to get to Nagarkot, so you could go to Bhaktapur in the early afternoon and go to Nagarkot for the sunset or to stay over-night.
Most people stay here for just one night. The main area of town is just a group of hotels.

Practical Information

You should have a flashlight (torch) with you to get around at night and early in the morning. You can change money at the Himalayan Bank, near the Club Himalaya, but they take a good commission (Sunday to Friday, 10 am to 3 pm).

Where to Stay and Eat ?

If you plan to stay over-night during the high-season, it is best to book your hotel room on arrival or in advance, as they often become full later in the day. In you arrive later in the day you may have to take whatever you can get, which may mean a room without a view. If you arrive before the tourist bus in the afternoon you can get a better selection of rooms. In the off-season you can often get a 50% discount off room rates.

Many of the hotels are booked by agents in Kathmandu, who often charge highly inflated prices. It is best to call to the lodge or hotel directly to book a room.

Budget hotels do not usually have hot water or heating. It can be cold here so you might want to bring a sleeping bag in the winter.

At the bus stop the road makes a sharp turn. If you follow the dirt trail to the left you come to a group of hotels on the hilltop after 250 m. These hotels are the best positioned hotels and many of the rooms have excellent views of the mountains. There hotels are near the Mahakali shrine.
For what you get the price is above average.


Tour itinerary: 4 nights/5 days Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley.

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