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Nepal is naturally one of the richest country in the world for its natural beauty, snow capped mountain, unique culture, bio-diversity and ethnical group with communities. Nepal, one of the beautiful country of the world is located in between India and China. It holds an irresistible attraction for explorers and holiday makers. Travel and Tour in Nepal offers holiday packages and tour packages to Nepal and its cities.

Kathmandu Tour

Kathmandu Valley Tour

Nagarkot Sightseeing

Nagarkot Sightseeing
Nagarkot Sightseeing

Jungle Safari Tour

Jungle safari Tour
Jungle safari Tour

Hiking in Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley has a tier of green mountain wall surrounding it. It is situated at 1,348 m above the sea level and covers an area of 218 square miles. The Kathmandu Valley consists of three towns Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. You’ll see snow-capped peaks in winter surrounding the city.

Jamacho Hiking

Jamacho Hiking Non touristic area in Kathmandu valley
Jamacho Hiking Non touristic area in Kathmandu valley

Kakani Hiking

Kakani Hiking with breathtaking scenery
Kakani Hiking with breathtaking scenery

Nagarkot Dhulikhel

Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hiking
Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hiking

Some major attractions in Kathmandu valley

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple is a world famous temple of Hindus dedicated to Lord Shiva. A remarkable symbol of faith and belief, it’s a good place to get a feel of Nepalese culture, including gold painted images, glass paintings and others.

Swayumbhunath Temple

With monkeys all around it, Swayumbhunath is aptly known as ‘The monkey temple’. The temple dates back to 14th centuries and remains much the same. Belonging to the Buddhist faith, the temple delights tourists with its fine carvings on the walls, colorful lighting and charming Stupas.

Bodhnath Stupa

The 2500 years old Buddhist Stupa at Bodhnath is massive in both size and significance. The Stupa upholds the prevalence of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal post Chinese invasion in 1959.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Dating back to 16th and 17th centuries, the Durbar Square is 35 km from Kathmandu . Bhaktapur is frequented by tourists for its royal palace, temples built in traditional Newar Pagoda style and the Golden Gate , which is truly pleasant owing to its architectural value.

Hanuman Dhoka

Hanuman Dhoka is a royal palace spread across five acres of land. The palace earlier belonged to the Malla Kings and later owned by the Shah dynasty. The palace is famous for a stone inscription by the late King Pratap Malla outside the palace, allegedly written in fifteen different languages. There is an idol of Lord Hanuman outside the durbar is worshiped by devotees.

About Nepal

Nepal is known for its immense natural beauty, a number of highest peaks, cultural heritage, artistic architecture, temples and most of all for the birthplace of Buddha. Nepal is the most unique piece of land which fascinates all. The place is an amalgamation of beauty, nature, generosity, religion, faith, and diversity. Nepal tour gives every traveler a glamorous chance to explore this roof of the world, the birthplace of Buddha and the land of legend and beauty. This kingdom houses the world’s highest peak, the mount Everest. Nepal tour packages will make you tie up all the courage and go on for camping and trekking. It serves as the finest place for the adventure enthusiasts as well as the nature lovers. So, be ready to visit this ancient yet wondrous land.

Not only are the main cities in Nepal enchanting and mystifying, they are also very endearing and infectious. For me, the buzz around Kathmandu was electrifying, swathing with excited trekkers, fun-loving locals and ceaselessly providing everyone there with a rugged city that has by no means lost any of its historic charm. It is simply stunning to kick back and relax on one of many of Kathmandu’s roof-top terraces.

An hour outside of Kathmandu sits the beautiful temple-ridden city of Patan, an ancient city containing a myriad of brick lanes leading to unimaginably pretty squares or courtyards. I went to Patan in August and caught the atmospheric celebrations of Krishna, where packed Patan squares were filled with people watching holy rituals and traditional reenactments take place. Once again, the rooftop cafe’s offered the perfect vantage point to survey the electrifying scene, after, of course, meandering through the crowds of people and mixing in with the vibrant colors on display. Durbar Square, in Kathmandu, contains another set of temples with indescribable beauty that you simply can’t miss on your Nepal tours. A tour of the royal palace and the mass of ancient temples will leave you in awe as you come away from Durbar square with aesthetics and spirituality firmly planted in your mind. The beguiling history and fascinating architecture make Durbar Square one of Nepal’s prize possessions.

Chitwan National Park offers great wildlife and safari tours in one of Asia’s greatest nature spectacles. In the hot, humid forests roam one-horned rhino’s, leopards, deer and lurking somewhere is even the possibility of spotting a Bengal tiger. This dense jungle is also home to over 450 species of bird, several different types of monkeys and many crocs and reptiles, gliding through the murky river and thick marshland.

Many people who travel to Nepal will agree that Pokhara is one of those gems that you feel you must revisit a number of times in your lifetime, and it’s almost always included in your ‘favorite cities’ list. This charming lakeside town offers a whole array of activities, from the famous paragliding cliff to the serene lake kayaking trips, Pokhara’s attractions are endless.

Food of Nepal

Dal Bhat is main dish in Nepal which contains Rice, lentil soup, a spicy tomato side and a side of vegetables make this wholesome, hearty dish. The flavors are quite simply delicious.

Steamed momo’s, eaten at any time during the day, are best when steamed and dipped in the spicy chili side-dish. Other typical dishes include fried noodles, with either vegetables or meat, and noodle soups, often containing a lot of remedial spices and herbs.

Geography of Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country located between India and China. It is extremely diverse terrain ranging from fertile plains and broad valleys to containing eight of the world’s ten highest peaks.