Pashupatinath short info

Pashupatinath is Nepal’s holiest Hindu Pilgrimage located on the bank of Bagmati River where we can see the crematory, ritual bathers, half-naked sadhus and is dedicated to Lord Shiva (one from the Hindu trinity), the God of Gods. Pashupati literally means “Lord of beasts” and is considered to be the patron deity of Nepal. It is regarded as one of the holiest sites for Hindu all over the world and Buddhist as well. It has set a shining example of religious harmony. Pashupanath temple is a pagoda architecture two-tiered golden roof with exquisitely carved four silver doors containing in its sanctum a phallic idol with four faces facing each direction and the fifth one is looking up towards the zenith. According to an ancient chronicle order, it was constructed at the present site by Lichhavi King Supuspa Verma. However there is no dated record showing when the temple of Lord Pashupatinath was first built but it is assumed that it was initially a simple structure of stone of stone proportion which must have been rebuilt a number of times in the course of its development. Vedic performances and Tantrik rituals are associated with the worship of Pashupatinath. He is regarded as the supreme self who delivers humans from worldly affliction.

To die and to be cremated right here would be to be introduced from samsara (the cycle of rebirth during this world).

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