Adventure in Nepal

Nepal is the best place if you love adventure. Adventure in Nepal is a different experience. Following are the activities for experiencing Adventure in Nepal.

Bungy Jump in Nepal

Experience bungy jump in Nepal. Nepal’s Bungy jumping contents a jump from a ridge at a height 160 m towards Bhotekoshi River, a gorge in Bhotekoshi. The LAST RESORT, a resort near the gorge. The hanging bridge which is a swiss design is supposed to carry a load of 250 KGs easily per running meter, hence it is certain that the bridge can carry loads of tons of weight. You don’t need to worry about it. The amazing structure of Bungy jumping can be reached from Kathmandu in around 5 hours normal drive.

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Paragliding in Nepal

Nepal another exciting adventure activities in Nepal. This is the mostly enjoyed in flight in Annapurna region as a mountain flight and a sunrise. This starts from the view point of Annapurna, Sarangkot towards east. Paragliding, jumping from a high cliff of 1500 meters and visiting the sky below a glide with Pilot. Imagine, a world of freely traveling in the sky, seeing all around you, sighting the wonderful sceneries, tasting an adventurous sky journey.

People say that they would like to fly like a bird, and yes, paragliding is flying like a bird, your wings are the glides assuring your safety and the leader is a pilot, an experienced glide rider. Reach height, explore the Nepalese sky with your paragliding experience and make a lifetime memory.

The paragliding takes place from a hill near Pokhara, from Sarangkot from an altitude of around 1500 meter. The weather permitting adventure is led by a pilot, who has several years of flying in the sky, who can land you safely by the bank of Phewa Lake. Sarangkot is very famous for Sunrise and mountain views, early morning you will be able to experience a lot of tourists / travelers hiking to the top to explore the beauties of hills and mountains, and you are flying above the hills, by the mountains. You are experiencing the panorama of beautiful Nepalese mountains from the sky.

Try the lifetime experience of adventurous part of your life.

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Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is the country of Himalayas and there are numerous rivers flowing through the country. Nepal is world’s second rich country in water resources following Brazil. There are frequent rivers in which rafting would have been possible at their lower rapids; circumstances bound adventure lovers to jump into most of dramatic rivers because of their wildness. In Nepal, there are 6 rivers in which rafting are possible and often are considerably paddled.

In Nepal there is many fast flowing Rivers which flows after melting ice glaciers if high Himalayas. In most of the river of Nepal Rafting can be done. Among them some are Arun River, Tamor River, Seti River, Bhot Koshi River, Trishuli River etc. the act of rafting is known as white water rafting in Nepal. During the time of rafting, the beautiful scene of the nature can be seen in all sides of river. Rafter’s can make their own schedule of rafting in their weekend holiday trip.

River Rafting in Nepal is a thriller task because we need to do it in fast flowing river. So it is also tagged as adventurous activity. There will be gain of life time experience when we do rafting in Nepal. The route of rafting is made according to the choice of rafters. There are some activities that are included in the rafting i.e. oaring, paddling and kayaking. Oaring is a chance given to observe the surroundings for participation. Paddling is to ride on boat with the full instruction given by the experts. Kayaking is the offers inflatable kayaks or fiberglass to hire for kayaks on their own.

Rafting starts early morning. Short rafting will take about 4 to 5 hours and long rafting takes whole days. Before doing rafting, all the instruction is provided by the experts. Compulsory material like Life jacket and helmet is provided to you. October to December and March to May will have fast flowing river which is best for rafting.

Trisuli River Rafting

Not far from Kathmandu on the Prithivi National Highway is one of the most popular rafting river in Nepal. The Trisuli Rising from the snows of the Langtang and Ganesh Himals the Trisuli later Becomes the Narayani after the waters of the Kali and the Seti merges with it.

Our river trips of the Trisuli has a variety of choices lasting from one to five days depending on where we start and end the trip. There are section with roaring white waters and scenic stretches fit for families with young children. Our nights are spent camping on pleasing beaches and we stop on the river banks for sumptuous picnic lunches. Although, we are never very far away from the highway once on the rafts we enter a world of adventure, excitement and remoteness hard to imagine possible. The whitewater section are punctuated by deep gorges, sculptured beaches, forested hillsides and small villages.

On the three to five days trips the groups can end their trip in Chitwan and have the option to visit one of several wildlife lodges or camps in the famous Chitwan National park the home of the rare tigers, leopards and rhinos besides many other animals and birds. Activities in the National park includes elephant safaris , game drives nature walks and boat trips. Another possibility is to drive to the famous Pokhara Valley at the foot of the Annapuran mountains and take one of our several treks in the area.

Sunkoshi River rafting

Sunkoshi River, often considered being the river of gold is one of the best rafting points in Nepal. Often started from Dolalkhat, an around 3 hours driving distance from Kathmandu to the Nepal Tibet border, this rafting ends at Chatara, one of the spiritual places in Koshi as the place connects to Barah Chhetra, one spiritual temples in eastern Nepal dedicated to Lord Bisnu’s Incarnation. This is one of the best visited temples in eastern Nepal. The rafting in Sunkoshi River is one of the longest in Nepal. Beautiful sceneries calm and sometimes with high rapid water, camping in the river banks in sandy places, this is one of the best and memorial rafting in one’s life.

Seti River Rafting:

Seti River, often considered being the best river for raft beginners because of its calmness. This river offers a short rafting trip and provides mountain views, hills passing through the background scene of Manasalu Mountain, Annapurna Mountain range. Less rapids yet spectacular river seti is ideal with warm water. The raft which begins from Damauli, a trade center near Pokhara ends at Gaighat generally which is always customizable.

Bhotekoshi River rafting:

Bhotekoshi River is one of the strenuous rivers for rafting in Nepal. The beginning point of rafting in this very river, lying at around 95kms from Kathmandu is baseri which is at around a driving distance of 4kms from Kathmandu. Raft ending point of this river is Lamosanghu.

Mountain flight in Nepal

Nepal is a mountainous country where world’s highest mountain and a lot of other mountains lie in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Out of world’s 14 eight thousand mountains, 10 lies in Nepal. You may be interested in seeing the highest mountains on earth within an hour flight; mountain flight in Nepal takes you to see all those beautiful mountains which you have been expecting of being in Nepal.

When you leave from Kathmandu, you start flying in the eastern Nepal’s sky, nearing your distance to the mountains, waiting for someone like you, from thousands of years, as they have been now, as they will be tomorrow, smiling, unspoilt, clean and beautiful.

The first you will encounter if Gosaithan, also known as Shisha Pangma ( 8000+), the following are Dorje Lakpa, Chiba Bhamare, Gauri Shankar, almost connected to each other, the base seen almost the same. One of these, Gauri Shankar is the holies, as Hindu people believe their god of goddess, Lord Shiva have been residing here from million of years, along with his love, Gauri (Parvati).

The adventure with loving mountains further is taking you to series of mountains, Melungtse, Numbuer, Cho Oyu are what you will see at your amazes, the beauties exposed.

The center of attraction, Mt. Everest is what you will see now, GIANT, identical and the highest of world, just after Gyachunkang, and Pumori, where it is seen almost connected to Mt. Nuptse. At an early morning ,the rising sun paints its artistic colors to the surface of Mt. Everest, glimpsing you the glance of heaven, it may be some of the reason, Nepal is called HEAVEN ON EARTH.

You are now turning back to Kathmandu, the colorful city, with all the memories of all the beauties of little heaven on earth, including the world’s highest and one of highest.

Ultralight flight in Nepal

Ultralight flight, one of adventurous programs offered to you in Nepal, the beautiful city of Pokhara is on the base of Himalayan beauties, lakes, rivers and forests. Imagine you are flying by the Himalayas sightseeing all the natural beauties of place, seeing without boundaries, almost in an aircraft!! Ultralight flight is one of a lot opportunities for the travelers in Nepal.

The flight is taken off from Pokhara, the beautiful city in western Nepal. An Ultralight aircraft is small plane kind automobile working like a flying machine. The first part of it, the machine works like an airplane, while you are taken off in the air, it works like a hand glide, so that you can visit around the sky seeing all the important sites, all the beautiful sceneries, all the panoramic views around the place. Uncovered, you will see the mountain range of Annapurna, Fishtail, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri in front of you, while the beautiful Phewa Lake lies below you at the shore of green hill which make Pokhara a valley.

Once in a lifetime, your visit the Nepal would worth seeing all the views, uncovering all the sights and tasting yourself for an adventure, try once and make a lifetime memory.